Au revoir.

KorkBoard is no longer available.
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Moving On: KorkBoard is shutting down

It's with a heavy heart that I announce that KorkBoard will be shutting down at the end of May 2016.

Saying Goodbye

In February 2016 I joined two good friends of mine to co-found Somatic Labs, where we are currently working on a haptic feedback device that augments human perception by turning the human body into a programmable display. You can learn more about our first product, Moment, on our website. While I'm ecstatic about the work that lies ahead with Somatic Labs, it does require that I pull away from KorkBoard.

Given the news that our backend service will be shutting down in January 2017, we have decided to wind down KorkBoard before needing to do further migration and development that I no longer have the time for. Additionally, Facebook has sophisticated its event discovery, suggestion, and interaction features over the past few months, which has dampened some of KorkBoard's original sparkle. It is for these reasons and my commitment to growing Somatic Labs that I have decided to shut down KorkBoard.

Thank You

We have loved being able to offer you a digital bulletin board for your college campus and have a deep appreciation for the support you have given us along the way. One last time, thank you. We hope that we have helped connect you to your campus community.

Jake Rockland